Mania Doesn’t Always Mean..Nailed It!


We’re all guilty of the “project syndrome,” thanks to bipolar disorder. Can you (be honest) count this years projects on your hand…two hands…ok, now were talking!

Especially during mania we tend to over indulge in these so-called projects.Those creative juices just flow!

Now, what is a project? Easily described as something we start, but just don’t finish.


Perhaps, you wanted to take-up guitar lessons, learn how to sing, started up a scrapbook, start that new video game you long waited for, or decided to finally finish a project you once started. Whatever it maybe. I know, the more grandiose the more of a thrill it is to start!

I personally have started many projects: Sewing, crotchet, knitting, tattoos, Facebook Pages, blog pages, exercise equipment, gardening, painting a room, cleaning projects, countless exercise DVDs (collecting dust), just to name a few.

My biggest bain is my 20-year-old unfinished tattoo. Still an outline!


Is this procrastination bipolar, or just human nature? I think a bit of both.

My kids laugh at me, “Mom aren’t you ever going to finish what you start?” My response, “Sure I am!”

Although, my actions speak louder than my words!

Whether or not I finish a project, is yet to be seen.

Have you ever gotten frustrated seeing so many forgotten blogs online, and wondered if it was perhaps started by someone bipolar? What about those outdated Facebook pages?

Mania, though an often creative outlet leads us to drive the project train. They are projects we “just have to do!”

Here’s a thought: Estimate the cost before starting a project.


As I’ve recently added up my last annual cost to the sum of $1,200 (mind you that’s a ballpark estimate). Yeah, image how my poor husband feels!

I’m really not all that bad, after all I’ve managed to stay committed to my recent blog posts, and support to the mental health community. In which, it grows more and more each day!

Don’t beat yourself up over not finishing a project, instead praise the effort. Just look for a small inexpensive one your likely to see through.

What projects have you started, but perhaps not finished? What projects have, you finished? Share your story, ideas, and comments.






Living with type 1 bipolar disorder, PTSD (due to childhood trauma), Rapid Cycling, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Writing about my life experiences.

0 thoughts on “Mania Doesn’t Always Mean..Nailed It!

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    September 14, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    My whole life is an unfinished project. Yikes. After I was diagnosed, it all made sense. So many half finished jobs haha.

    Ah well, I got to experience a lot of new things.


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