Introduction: Call Me Code Monkey

So I’ll just jump right in, I’m c3innovate, proud husband of BipolarMe. I’m also responsible for building this site and the Windows and Windows Phone app many of you have downloaded. I’ve decided to take a more active role, writing posts as well as moderating the new BipolarMe Forum I’m currently designing(look for the Forum to be finished by the end of the week).
Some of you may have known me as TheWinPhan, where I was the leader of a courageous group of Windows Phone fans. I hope to bring some of that energy, creativity, leadership to a community with so much potential to do great things. Not just for yourselves, but for our children, our families, and friends, of the future, who will find themselves walking a much safer path in society because of your direct efforts, your trials, and your tribulations.

Throughout history, people have stigmatized that which they don’t understand, the latest being an emphasis, on Mood Disorders. There is a societal curiosity though, perhaps because of the celebrities who speak so openly, perhaps because of mass media, or perhaps its just some universal plan laid out in the Bing Bang billions of years prior…I don’t know. I will be writing a lot on the subject.

As a spouse and a caregiver to someone with Bipolar Disorder, I’ll also be writing about the experience. I look forward to offering ideas on being a great supporter for someone and supporting yourself at the same time. After 15 years together with the beautiful BipolarMe, I’ve gone through pretty much everything…and we’ve survived…TOGETHER! I’m proud of that fact and want to share some of the ways we’ve accomplished this with you. Follow my journey of being a supporter to a spouse with Bipolar Disorder.

I’ve got lots to say, so follow along as I offer another perspective of the Bipolar experience. Thank you all for your support of BipolarMe, it has meant a great deal to me personally, to see her be so happy with her community.
If you have any suggestions for posts, things you’d like to see on the site, or the app…please feel free to reach out and let me know. Be sure to check the site frequently as I’m adding new material, looks, and functions daily.
Thanks again and talk to you soon.



Proud husband of BipolarMe, developer of the BipolarMe site, and developer of the BipolarMe Window/Windows Phone apps.

2 thoughts on “Introduction: Call Me Code Monkey

  • November 15, 2015 at 1:59 am

    Well I have to say it’s very cool to have one of the caregivers speak about the subject of mental illness….and I finally figured out how to work Discus so yeah me (and yes, it was easy. I have no idea why I was so scared of it.)

    • December 14, 2015 at 3:27 pm

      Thank you quite kindly! So sorry it’s taken me this long to reply, site went down for 2 weeks due to issues with our theme. BipolarMe will tell you, I’ve been working HOURS on end for 2 straight weeks to get the site back up running. Nice new theme… Some more good conversations… And we’re off and running with the ponies again! I look forward to writing some more in between working on the app and site, thanks so much for chiming in!?


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