I Want A Divorce!


My mania seems to kick up around the same time every year. This particular summer was no different.

It was approaching that HOT time of July, and I started to itch! That mania itch. I started going out, hanging with friends. Something I don’t usually do as I’m sort of an introvert.

wrong crowd

Started hanging with the wrong crowd. Before you know it, I’m having second thoughts about my marriage!

I was meeting my friends almost every Friday for karaoke at our local bar. I was having way to much fun alone, for a married person.

I started to feel single, as much as I was out! I started wanting to be single and live my life freely!

The more bad associations I had, the more encouragement I had to leave my husband.


Eventually, my mania caught up with me! I was spending money, out of the house, thought of only me, and was off for another tattoo!

I had made up my mind, I was going to do it. I headed to the courthouse to obtain the divorce papers. Got them, and filled them out.

The next day, I told my husband I wanted a divorce! He was heartbroken. 11 years together, and this!

We had separated, he moved out. I had gotten what I asked for. Right?


I was now living alone, with my kids and free as a bird! I continued going out, talking on the phone till all hours of the night, and texting too!

One day a few weeks in something happened. I had to talk, but to whom. Well, to the only person I trusted in the world..my husband.

It turned out for the best, he gave me sound advice and we also ended up talking things out. We eventually got back together.


I stopped talking to my so-called “friends,” and my husband and I took those divorce papers and burned them.

That was the last time I ever asked for a divorce!

One of the lessons I’ve learned having bipolar is NOT to make life changing decisions when your manic.

Today, my husband and I have a strong relationship, and have been together 13 years!

We’ve been through hell and back with this bipolar before and after diagnosis. But we remain committed to each other!

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Living with type 1 bipolar disorder, PTSD (due to childhood trauma), Rapid Cycling, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Writing about my life experiences.

One thought on “I Want A Divorce!

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    August 9, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    This was really awesome to read. I just started checking this stuff out, this bipolar stuff, was recently diagnosed. But to hear you guys went as far as divorce, kind of gives me hope. lol I am constantly breaking up with my husband and going to live this wonderful life. And I have all of these logical reason to do so, but, uh, we are in love. When I am not manic we truly believe it to be devine love, like soul mates. Still, I take my anger out on him the worst. Like I need him to feel my pain too but he has explained that he can not help me cope, if I am trying as hard a step I can to bring him down, with me.

    And to hear the happy ending, that you guys burned the papers was exactly what I needed to know was possible.

    Thanks For the Post,


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