Fitbit…Ever Heard Of It?

Fitbit One

Well, this time I’m going to talk about a fantastic way to not only find health, but to maintain or even lose weight! I love to help provide additional resources!

With today’s medication for mental health, its difficult to find a balance on weight.

I’m going to tell you about a fun way to do so (no gimmicks), and where you can get a fitbit.

Fitbit comes in two forms as a watch like band for your wrist or a clip on to your garments or under garments.

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There website is there twitter is @fitbit incase you would like to check them out!

Fitbit also has a companion app available on all OS’s , Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone.


Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

Fitbit is a tracker. It tracks several helpful things. For example: Calories you ingested, calories you’ve burned, stairs climbed, miles you’ve traveled, and greatly important to those who’s sleep patterns are affected by there disorder….it tracks your sleep patterns!

As you know I have Type I Bipolar disorder, so being able to track my sleep patterns is quintessential.

Another great benefit to Fitbit is you can log in the foods you’ve eaten, and how much water you’ve drunk.

FitBit Sleep Pattern

There is a setting available for you to set your goals. For example: 10,000 steps, 64 oz. of water a day, 1200 calorie diet, etc.

With every goal you set you have an accomplishment, you will earn a badge for meeting that goal!

It’s really a fun way to track so much important stuff in your day-to-day!

The Fitbit is set on Bluetooth so syncing is a breeze. Either to your home computer or your companion app.

The Fitbit also has a clock, set to your specific region, and works as an alarm (vibrates) to wake you up.

Believe it or not, this little device is the easiest to manage, control, and set!

Fitbit website

I have the Fitbit One, and don’t know how I ever got along without it! I wear it everyday, and it has encouraged me to exercise a bit more. I find knowing how many steps I’ve taken and how many I’ve set as a goal, makes me more likely to move a little more to accomplish those goals!

Another great feature is you can share your accomplishments via social media. You can also search for other friends who have a Fitbit and work together!

I walk on my treadmill about 30 minutes, 5-days a week. It’s fun to watch the counter move with each step I take!

It is pretty darn accurate, I’m impressed! I have had many, many counters. But none as comprehensive or as accurate as the Fitbit.

Fitbit Website - flat design

Fitbit is available in many retailers. For example: AT&T stores, Verizon stores, Apple stores, Best Buy stores, Target stores, Radio Shack,,, and REI stores.

They range in price from $59.95 to $99.95.

If you purchase a Fitbit and need any help setting it up, feel free to contact me via the comments or DM me via twitter!

If you have a Fitbit, please sound off in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!



Living with type 1 bipolar disorder, PTSD (due to childhood trauma), Rapid Cycling, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Writing about my life experiences.

0 thoughts on “Fitbit…Ever Heard Of It?

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    August 15, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    I love my fitbit!!! I have the flex and it has been great! The only problem I have is I have had to have it replaced 2 times since I bought it – which was just back in January 2014. They have great customer service and have replaced it, but it bothers me that I have even had to do that. But it has really kept my motivated to stay active and alone with diet change and the exercise — since January I lost 50 pounds! My brother and dad also have the fitbit one, so we watch each other on the website and keep each other motivated 🙂 Great product!

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    August 17, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I have had bipolar 50yrs. I’ve had many UPS and downs. Religion is very important to me. I trust on the Lord with all my heart on are daily walks. I can’t do alot because of my health. But I haven’t given up. My last episode a few years ago. I was with my boyfriend and he didn’t know I was bipolar than. He got scared and left me for awhile, which hurt me so bad which pushed me into the episode even deeper. I was living alone and I had no one to talk to about this but my friend Mary who was also bipolar. She really helped me pull thru this bad time. He called me a couple of weeks later and wanted to take me to dinner, when he came into my apt I just fell into his arms and held onto him tightly and started kissing him. I was afraid to let go. Finally I let him come up for air and he said I love you and I started kissing him again. He looked at me and said, didn’t you hear me?, I said yes and just kept kissing. It was a good thing he liked kissing. So we were back and he was by my side again. In 2007, my son Timmy died at the age of 37yrs old that liked to kill me. I loved that boy so much, well Gail was with me thru that and still is, you just don’t lose one of your children and forget it. Because of that and illness I now l know live with him. I know its hard for him to live with some one who is bipolar, but its not been good for either of us. He doesn’t understand the highs and lows we have. I have so many medicle expenses my meds are out of the roof. I really try to help him out with the grocery and utility bills. This month I think I’m going to make it but only half the month has past. I just pray that the Dr can take me off some of my meds but I have more than just my bipolar meds which is enough. But I have alot of other illnesses, I just got over a week in the hospital, I have copd and because of it lve lost 50% of my lungs that will never come back so I’m on 02 24/7 which means more on the Edison bill not to mention that I have sleep apnea, so that’s more. I’ve changed my family Dr so I’m right down the st from her. She doesn’t charge me as much as my old one did I hope I didn’t make the wrong move. I go to Oakwood Taylor for a hospital now but I really like them. I had to go there yesterday, I was afraid my kidneys shut down again. But praise God they got me straighten out and I came home that evening with a script. But I guess what I’ve been telling you is bipolar is not a good disease to have and what ever you do or how good you feel never skip your pills if you need something go to your Dr, if its important tell your friends about yourself. I mean we don’t have something they can get like leprosy. Thank God. We just need little understanding. And as and my friend, I’m trying to hold unto him but he slips further away every day and I feel so bad because of that, but I’m trying with all my strength to hold unto him. Sorry I had so much to say.


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